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Shameless Pets Jerky Dog Treats Chicken and Banana Flavor 5oz

Shameless Pets Jerky Dog Treats Chicken and Banana Flavor 5oz

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The Shameless Pets Upcycled Jerky Dog Treats All-Natural Chicken and Banana Flavor Skin & Coat Care 5 oz. Bag for Dogs will help your pooch look and feel like a su-paw-star. These mouthwatering organic dog treats are specifically designed to help support your pup?s skin and coat health. They re gonna love how we mixed these dog treats: chicken bananas and a taste of coconut for a sweet treat that will make your dog go head-over-paws. When it comes to cute puppy treats (that is treats for cute dogs) grain-free is the way to go. These are formulated without corn soy or artificial colors and preservatives to make some of the healthiest treats made from whole chicken. These pet treats are a safer alternative to dog bones custom dog treats or bully sticks for smaller dogs. Your pup is now a superhero in helping alleviate big sustainability problems considering this dog jerky treat?s formula is made with over 33% upcycled ingredients! What is upcycled ingredients you might ask? It means rescuing an

Shameless 5Oz Chick Colada Jerky


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