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Marshall Pet Products Ferret Litter

Marshall Pet Products Ferret Litter

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Excellent Odor ControlControls ferret odors better than clay and wood based litter products. The Marshall Pet Ferret Litter includes a special ingredient that stops strong ferret odor on contact without masking perfumes. Makes litter pan clean up a more pleasant atmosphere.FlushableSmall scoops (two to four ounces) of the Marshall Pet Ferret Litter may be safely flushed away.Dust Free Non-AllergenicThe Marshall Pet Ferret Litter is dust free and will not cause sneezing and unnecessary upper respiratory distress. It won t cake or stick to litter pan like clay litter.Super AbsorbencyThe Marshall Pet Ferret Litter is a very unique litter made from a specially processed recycled newspaper. It can absorb up to 400% more than traditional clay and wood based litters.

Marsh Ferret Litter 10#


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