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Synergy Labs Fooey Bitter Training Aid Spray for Pets 8oz

Synergy Labs Fooey Bitter Training Aid Spray for Pets 8oz

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Fooey! Spray is so disgustingly bitter we actually have a registered trademark to say it s the most bitter stuff on earth! The extreme bitter taste comes from grapefruit skin extract and the herb known as The King of Bitters. These all-natural active ingredients deliver a safe effective and powerful deterrent to chewing biting licking and other destructive behaviors in dogs cats horses rabbits ferrets and birds. More affordable than replacing your belongings use Fooey! in conjunction with training methods to keep pets from licking biting chewing and destroying anything they might like to go after in your home. Spray Fooey! on anything and you ll instantly transform it into an utterly distasteful object. Alcohol- fragrance- odor- and dye-free the neutral pH spray is non-flammable non-acidic and non-caustic. It is safe for furniture walls wires shoes clothing fencing stables stalls and harmful plants. It s even safe to use directly on your pet s skin to discourage gnawing and licking

Synergy 8Oz Fooey Bitter Spray


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