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Wood Link Magnum Sunflower Feeder

Wood Link Magnum Sunflower Feeder

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Decorative and functional the Plastic Magnum Sunflower Screen Feeder feeds more birds than any other feeder of comparable size. Built to survive the elements metal mesh screen offers birds easy access to food making this feeder the perfect gift for your bird lover. Wide hunter green roof and seed catcher tray enhance this beautiful wire mesh tube style feeder.Fill with up to 3 lb of Black Oil Sunflower seed. The ?? spacing of the steel mesh provides a sturdy structure and offers plenty of room for birds to cling and dine while the internal seed diverter ensures that birds can get every last seed.The plastic cap and base and black powder coated steel construction help this feeder weather the elements without chipping and fading.It is easy to fill and clean this feeder by sliding the plastic roof up the included hanger and the open mesh construction keeps the seed level visible at all times while seed remains fresh and dry. Roof overhangs to provide protection from the elements and plastic won t absorb wat

Woodlink Magnum Sunflower Feeder


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