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Perky Pet Clear Wild Bird Window Feeder 8oz

Perky Pet Clear Wild Bird Window Feeder 8oz

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Enjoy having your favorite birds right outside your window with the Perky-Pet Window Bird Feeder. Holding up to 1/2 lb of seed this bird feeder features a crystal-clear plastic construction that makes bird watching easy from any angle. This feeder boasts a large inviting entrance that will fit even large birds like cardinals. The Window Bird Feeder attaches securely to windows with three suction cups which provide a strong sturdy hold to prevent the feeder from falling off. Plus the feeder?s angled roof helps to keep the feeder cleaner. With food for them and fun for you this feeder promises hours of enjoyment as you watch birds eating and flying about. Note: To securely hang a window feeder it is important to thoroughly clean your window first. Once clean moisten the feeder?s suction cups with a bit of water or vegetable oil then apply the feeder to the glass. The moisture will create better suction so the feeder stays in place.

Perky Pet 8Oz Window Feeder


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