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Kaytee Fiesta Max Parrot 2.5lb

Kaytee Fiesta Max Parrot 2.5lb

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Kaytee Fiesta Parrot food is a nutritionally fortified gourmet diet made of a premium blend of fruits vegetables seeds and grains offering maximum variety fun and nutrition for pet birds. Fiesta contains prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive health and is formulated with your bird species in mind. Kaytee understands that sharing your life with a pet bird is not only enjoyable but very enriching. Kaytee shows our love by ensuring we provide your pet bird with the best nutrition for a long and healthy life. With over 150 years of nutritional experience it s no wonder why Kaytee is at the heart of every healthy feeding routine. Ingredients: Sunflower Safflower Oat Groats Pumpkin Seed Ground Corn Wheat Corn Peanuts Almonds Raisins Dried Papaya Shelled Peanuts Green Split Peas Buckwheat Ground Wheat Oyster Shell Milo Dried Bananas Corn Gluten Meal Pinto Beans White Northern Beans Ground Flax Seed Squash Seed Dried Pineapple Red Peppers Red Lentils Filberts Pistachios Dehyd

Kt Fiesta Parrot 2.5#


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