ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet 4lb


ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet 4lb

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Congratulations on selecting ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet. By feeding a diet with an irresistible taste your ferret will love to eat, you can be assured he will get 100% of the daily nutrients he needs for an energetic, healthy life.ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet is a nutritious and highly digestible diet formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing, adult, and reproducing ferrets.Ferrets are carnivores and they require a diet high in meat protein. Premium Ferret Diet is formulated with real chicken, chicken meal, and egg to deliver the high levels of protein your ferret requires.Fortified with vitamins and minerals, Premium Ferret Diet requires no supplements.Extruded diet is guaranteed fresh. Packaged in reclosable bag to preserve freshness and flavor.

Zupreem Ferret Diet 4#

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