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Higgins InTune [Parakeet] (2 lb)

Higgins InTune [Parakeet] (2 lb)

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Parakeet bird food made with natural colors from real fruits and vegetables like beets turmeric root annatto seeds and alfalfa. Plant-based bird food is crafted with balanced DHA omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to encourage a healthy immune system Features a tropical aroma derived from real pineapple citrus and banana. Protected probiotics encourage micro-organisms in the stomach to promote healthy immunity and digestion. Made with only natural preservatives to help it stay fresher for longerthis bird food is 100% free of artificial flavors and preservatives. Provide your parakeet pal with the high-quality nutrition he needs with Higgins inTune Complete & Balanced Diet Parakeet Bird Food. This natural formula is crafted with real fruits and vegetables along with highly cooked grains to encourage healthy digestion and its 100% free of artificial flavors and preservatives. Open the bag and experience the tropical scent from real banana pineapple and citrus plus the beautiful natural colors from seeds

Higgins Intune 2# Para Balanceddiet


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