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Holiday KONG Kitchen Soft & Chewy TurDucKen 5 oz

Holiday KONG Kitchen Soft & Chewy TurDucKen 5 oz

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KONG Kitchen Soft & Chewy TurDucKen Treats deliver a treating trifecta of holiday favorites baked into soft, chewy morsels with only wholesome, real food ingredients. Forget two turtle doves, dogs prefer celebrating the season with turkey, duck and chicken! Oven-baked by the brand you trust, these treats contain no artificial colors or preservatives, wheat, corn or soy. Made in the USA.
Feature Benefits
Real turkey, duck and chicken baked into soft, chewy treats No artificial colors, preservatives, wheat, corn or soy Simple, limited ingredients oven-baked by the brand you trust Limited, seasonal flavor to add yummy holiday variety to daily treating A holiday feast in every chewy bite great for training or simply scrumptious season’s greetings

About the brand

We believe dogs need to play. That’s why we’ve worked since 1976 to bring you and your pet the most innovative and safe toys made from the finest materials that will last. From obsessive attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of education, we are dedicated to giving pet parents a way to connect with their dogs.

Kong Holiday Turducken Soft Chew


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