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KONG Puppy Rubber Tire Dog Toy, Pink/Blue, Small

KONG Puppy Rubber Tire Dog Toy, Pink/Blue, Small

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Make teething easier to take with the Kong Tire Dog Toy. Kong's Classic Puppy line is full of solutions for growing puppies and their harried humans, from toys to treats and more. Kong dog toys are built to last, crafted from rugged, thick, pliable rubber that's freezer-safe and easy to clean. Building upon the success of Kong's Tire toys for adult dogs, this toy uses an exclusive puppy rubber formula specifically designed to ease teething gums. Rugged treads stand up to sharp puppy teeth. The tire's inner track creates a mental challenge for puppies while teaching correct chewing habits. The track can be easily filled with Kong Stuff'N Puppy Recipe formula spray treats to give your puppy extra incentive to chew the toy instead of furniture or fingers. Each unit includes one rubber dog toy; Kong Stuff'N spray treats are sold separately.

Kong Sm Pink Blue Puppy Tires


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