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Catit Pixi Cat Fountain - Light Blue

Catit Pixi Cat Fountain - Light Blue

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The Catit PIXI Fountain provides your cat with a continuous source of fresh, purified water. The PIXI offers multiple drinking options to entice picky drinkers: calm flow, stream (with spout) and bubbling top. The featured drip collection zone helps stray drops of water to flow back into the reservoir. PIXI?s little nose is a backlit water level window and with a water level window this adorable, you?ll never lose sight of how much water is left. Fill the reservoir until the water level reaches the top of the whiskers, which marks the reservoir?s maximum capacity. The pump is equipped with a sensor that detects when the water level is too low. At that point, the fountain will shut down automatically, to prevent the pump from running dry. PIXI?s nose will also flash red when the water level inside of the reservoir is too low. Once the water reservoir is refilled, the fountain will start running again. Since the fountain pump is suspended in the water, it doesn?t vibrate as much against the reservoir

Hag Catit 2.5L Pixi Fountain Blue


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