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Small Batch Cat Freeze Dried Turkey Meal Bites 10oz

Small Batch Cat Freeze Dried Turkey Meal Bites 10oz

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Now you can have all the benefits of Smallbatch raw meals with the convenience of freeze-dried! New Smallbatch Freeze-Dried Cat Food Meal Bites makes feeding your cat a raw diet fast and easy! Each bag of food is gently freeze-dried, making it ideal for travel or for quick meals! Simply add water to re-hydrate or serve as is! Smallbatch provides flavorful protein-rich meals that your dog will love! Only made from humanely pasture-raised meats without any antibiotics or hormones. All proteins are sustainably sourced to provide you with the most ethical and highest quality product. Added non-GMO pesticide-free organic superfoods like kale provide extra nutrition! All natural ingredients are proudly sourced in the USA. The gentle freeze-drying process ensures the best quality and maximum nutrition from the food source. These meaty meals will satisfy your cat's cravings! Treat your cat to a delicious protein-packed meal from Smallbatch today! Made in USA.

Smallbatch 10Oz Fd Turk Meal Bites Cat


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