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Wild Delight Nut N Berry 20 Lb

Wild Delight Nut N Berry 20 Lb

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The Wild Delight Nut N Berry is sure to have the birds flicking to your backyard to get more of this sumptuous meal. Key Product Features Attracts songbirds woodpeckers cardinals finches titmice jays grosbeaks buntings nuthatches and chickadees. Contains sunflower kernels peanuts pistachios cherries raisins vitamins minerals and electrolytes. Contains no fillers Highly nutritious! Available in a 20 lb bag. Are you looking to attract feed identify and care for your precious feathered friends? If yes know that Wild Delight Nut N Berry is sure to serve the purpose! A premium wild bird food blended to attract and feed the most desirable outdoor pets. Only the very best bird food for your wild and garden birds to ensure they stay happy and healthy all year around.

Wild Delight Nut N Berry Wild Bird Food 20#


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