Kaytee Cool Crock Small Animal Bowls

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Kaytee Cool Crock Small Animal Bowls

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The Kaytee Cool Crock is a critter crock specially designed for small animals available in four trendy colors. Its the perfect size dish to nourish your pet with nutritious food and delicious treats! Holds food and treats for your small pet Easy to clean with warm water and soap Made of durable plastic Sizing: Small: 4 oz (3.6W x 1.75H) ideal for hamsters gerbils and pet mice Medium 8 oz (4.5W x 2H) ideal for chinchillas guinea pigs and pet rats Large 18 oz (5.8W x 2.25H) ideal for rabbits ferrets chinchillas and pet rats Note: Bowls ship in assorted colors. Please let us pick one for you.

Kt Spet 8Oz Critter Cool Crockdish

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