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Lafeber Nutri-Berries Sunny Orchard Parrot Bird Food 10 Oz

Lafeber Nutri-Berries Sunny Orchard Parrot Bird Food 10 Oz

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Lafeber s? Sunny Orchard Nutri Berries Parrot Food Benefit from the knowledge and experience of two generations of veterinarians caring for birds and small mammals with Lafeber Company. Bring sunshine to your bird with Lafeber Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries for Parrots. This food contains whole hulled seeds hulled grains and 30% percent pellets with pieces of real apricots dates and tangy cranberries. Ingredients: Ingredients: Cracked corn hulled white proso millet red millet cranberries oat groats malto-dextrin safflower soybean meal canola oil peanuts corn syrup apricots glycerine golden raisins wheat propylene glycol rape seed corn gluten meal gelatin whole egg dicalcium phosphate ground limestone DL-methionine (an essential amino acid) L-lysine (an essential amino acid) iodized salt calcium propionate ( a preservative) Vitamin A supplement Vitamin D3 supplement Vitamin E supplement citric acid mixed tocopherols (a preservative) menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of V

Lafeber Nutri 10Oz Orchard Parrot


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