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PetAg KMR 2nd Step Kitten Weaning Food 16oz

PetAg KMR 2nd Step Kitten Weaning Food 16oz

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Creamy transitional cereal for kittens 4-8 weeks old that provides a complete diet to introduce nursing kittens to solid food. It is made to follow kitten milk replacement or mother s milk and contains beef and natural milk protein. This kitten food has high digestibility and easy-to-use convenience and comes in a 14-ounce package. Directions for Mixing: Begin by offering it as a thin gruel. Determine the amount of KMR 2nd Step powder to be fed to the kitten at each feeding using the feeding guidelines. Reconstitute powder by using 3 parts (a part is any measuring device i.e. teaspoon tablespoon or cup) liquid KMR or water to 1 part powder for the first few days. Offer only small amounts and remove the uneaten portion after no more than 20 minutes. Weigh the kittens at least once a week to monitor weight gain and adequacy of feeding. As kittens grow decrease the amount of water mixed with the powder until weaning food is an oatmeal consistency.

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